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Mobile Sites: Important Differences that Help Boost Your Bottom Line


Mobile Marketing Websites - lots of great samples here

Mobile marketing websites have a different look and feel from the traditional sites we’re used to seeing on our desktops. When you look at mobile sites, you’ll notice several distinctive features right away:


Mobile sites have distinctive features Mobile sites have a sleeker, narrower design
Mobile sites have much smaller images
Mobile sites use very simple navigation menus
Mobile sites highlight important information about your business
Mobile sites keep their message short, sweet and to the point

There are logical reasons why mobile sites are set up differently from standard sites. Mobile sites are designed for:


Mobile sites are designed differently The small screen, so visitors aren’t forced to scroll and zoom all the time to see your site
Speed, so your content and your message is available in seconds, with limited wait time
Easy connection with mobile customers, who are using a mobile device to find you

Perhaps the most striking difference between the two is in the amount of content being delivered. Mobile sites emphasize brevity and simplicity, keeping information to a minimum and getting straight to the point.
Mobile sites also encourage people to take immediate action, in the form of Tap-to-Call, Tap-to-Email, Google maps with directions, specials, deals, coupons, QR codes and other promotional strategies. In other words, mobile sites and mobile site design focus more squarely on the customer
Browse the 6 sample mobile sites below to see what I mean. These are all working demos that allow you to navigate each page and interact with the simulator the same way you would on an iPhone.
You can use these demo sites to guide your thinking about what might/should be in your own mobile site, if you choose to buy one now.
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