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We're big on privacy


General Principles

My attitude towards privacy (yours and mine) is simple – I respect it. In fact, it is sacrosanct when it comes to all things, whether you’re a client, a visitor to my web site or someone who just sends me an e-mail. Having been a victim of identity theft myself, I fully understand and appreciate the value of one’s private information not getting into the wrong hands.

What I do to maintain your privacy

There are only three ways this site collects information about you (such as your name, email address, phone number, etc.) that is personal in nature:

  • When you submit a web form to join any of my mailing lists;
  • When you submit a web form to schedule a private consultation with me; and
  • When you submit a purchase through PayPal for any of the products I offer.

The personal contact information you share when signing up for my mailing lists and consultations is securely protected through my professional email management system. You can rest assured that I will never EVER voluntarily rent, sell or share it.
You are always free to opt-out of my mailing lists. Simply click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any list email you receive, and you’ll be removed immediately.
I only use PayPal, one of the most trusted names in secure online transactions, to process website orders and emailed invoices for small business coaching services. That way, your credit card and personal information is safely transmitted through their servers. While I do receive notification from PayPal when a purchase has been made, that does NOT include any of your private financial data.

My Non-Disclosure of Personal Information Guarantee

The bottom line here is that I won’t rent, give, sell, share or otherwise disclose any information that you tell me about you, your business, your website, your methods or procedures to any third party without your knowledge or consent without a subpoena or court order.
If you become a client of mine, every word you share with me (spoken or written) is held in the strictest of confidence. I value your privacy.
Dawn Lanier,
CEO, Yes You Can