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The FAQ regarding what to expect when ordering your mobile website from Yes You Can


Get the FAQ about ordering your mobile marketing website

Our mobile website FAQ tells you everything you need to know about ordering your mobile marketing website from Yes You Can. We know our customers want to be informed. Here are the questions we get asked most often.

Do I need a .mobi domain or .mobi hosting for my new mobile marketing website?
No. once your mobile marketing website is done, it will be uploaded to your current website server in a directory of it’s own ( Anyone accessing your site from a mobile device will be able to see and interact with it immediately.

Do you do all of the design work for the mobile marketing website?
No. We customize the design of your site using your logo and other graphics you provide (i.e. your preferred background and/or promotional image). We will send you instructions as soon as we receive your order.

Can I have any color scheme I want or match it to my desktop site?
Absolutely! Virtually every aspect of your mobile marketing website is customizable, including background colors, text, navigation tabs, and images. Just tell us your preferences, and we’ll do the rest.
How do I pay for my mobile marketing website?
All transactions are handled through PayPal’s secure servers, to protect your privacy and your confidential financial information. You can pay using your credit/debit card, and you not need a PayPal account to make your purchase. Yes You Can receives confirmation of your payment, but does not see, download, store or have access to your private banking details. You will receive a receipt directly from PayPal immediately after your instant payment is processed.
What happens after I order?
Once your payment is received, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire that will provide us with the basic information we need to start creating your mobile marketing website. We will also call you within 24 business hours at the number you provided on our sign up form to discuss the next steps, and get you going right away. See this page for additional information.
What’s expected of me while you’re working on my site?
Building a mobile marketing website is a collaborative effort. Since the site is customized for your business, we will need your input at several points along the way. Please be sure to follow up on any emails or messages you receive from us in a timely fashion.
Will I be able to preview my site before it goes live?
Yes. We wouldn’t have it any other way.
What if I don’t like something?
We work in close partnership with you to make sure you’re satisfied with your new mobile marketing website. You’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way so that questions or concerns are addressed early, and the end result is to your liking.
What’s your refund policy?
Because this is a digital product, and cannot be returned once purchased, it is not subject to refunds.
How long will it take to get my new mobile marketing website?
New sites are generally completed within 2 weeks (and often sooner) of receiving all of your information.
What if I still have questions?
Feel free to drop us a line here

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