8 Big Reasons to Go Mobile


Need a few reasons to go mobile? Try these.


Mobile websites help you stand out from the crowd

To say that there are just 8 big reasons to go mobile is probably an understatement. The most obvious one is, of course, is that mobile is everywhere.

For your business, that has real value, in the form of human beings with money to spend. Mobile customers tend to be more affluent customers, which spells opportunity.

People everywhere on their mobile phones means that people in your city, state, town and community are part of that crowd. No matter where you’re located, these are the exact group of people you most want to reach.

So the first of the 8 big reasons to go mobile is because mobile is local. Local people support local business, which coincidentally includes you.

Did you know that mobile coupons have 10 times the redemption rate of standard coupons? If you had a mobile marketing website, you could get your coupons and deals in front of potentially thousands of mobile customers without the significant investment needed for traditional advertising.

Mobile sales generated HUGE profits over the last Thanksgiving 2012 holiday – to the tune of over $750 million dollars. People are making purchases via mobile, and the trend will only continue. These facts, which point the obvious conclusion that mobile generates action, rank 2nd on my list of 8 big reasons to go mobile.

I use social media all the time, but I never stopped to think about how many people are logging into the mobile versions of each one.  That brings me to number 3 on my list of 8 big reasons to go mobile – mobile is social.

200 million+ Facebook users use Facebook mobile. Half of Twitter’s users (some 80+ million) use Twitter mobile, and 200+ million YouTube views are from a mobile device every day. People in your niche are somewhere in this massive group. If you have a mobile marketing website, they’ll be able to connect with you on social media platforms with one touch.


Wow - great reasons to go mobile!

Important News


By the time 2014 rolls around, more people in the USA will be using a mobile device to go online, than those who access the Internet from their desktop. The household brands like Target, Apple, Disney, Macys, etc. already know that, and they’ve all gone mobile to extend their market reach.

But smaller local businesses will be able to make big inroads too, because mobile favors local when it comes to mobile search. Mobile search has grown more than 500% in the past 2 years.

Mobile is growing is the 4th of the 8 big reasons to go mobile.

The real value of a mobile website is in its ability to act as a dynamic marketing tool for your business. Your sales, special deals, coupons and sweepstakes are all front and center.

It only takes one click for a mobile customer to contact you by phone or email. Ditto for them to have a Google map with directions that leads straight to your door.

Mobile is direct is benefit number 5 on my list of 8 big reasons to go mobile.

Getting the word out about your mobile site is fast and inexpensive. A simple QR code can let all your blog and social media followers know you’ve gone mobile. You can embed a link to your mobile site and share a private deal inside the QR code, and voila – you’ve got their attention.

Updating or changing a promotion is as easy as adding a new graphic. You show up in local mobile search because your mobile sitemap helps you get indexed by Google. Mobile = low-cost promotion is number 6 on my list of 8 big reasons to go mobile.  

Mobile works the way you want it to – your regular website is unaffected, so desktop visitors continue to see what they expect. A redirect script can automatically send mobile visitors to your mobile site, so they see content that’s appropriate for the device they’re using, like a smartphone or an iPad.

You can also create mobile campaigns, like getting people to join your mobile list, so you can send them unlimited messages after they opt in. This means you can offer content specific to your mobile audience that doesn’t conflict with or duplicate what your desktop visitors receive. Mobile is flexible is number 7 on the list of 8 big reasons to go mobile.

The last (but not least) of the 8 big reasons to go mobile is that your customers are mobile, so you should be too. The evidence is clear and the verdict is in. Now the only question is when will you go mobile so that your business has a competitive edge in this growing marketplace?

The infographic below should give you plenty of reasons to go mobile and help you make up your mind =).

8 great reasons to go mobile

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